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Annik Dhooghe


Annik Dhooghe is a Belgian Commercial and Fine Art Photographer based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.  After studying digital photography for 3 years in Belgium, she moved to the US with her family and continued her education at the Art Institute of Atlanta.  She achieved her Diploma in Commercial Photography Magna Cum Laude and decided to continue her academic studies.  She now graduated  in spring 2017 with an Associate Degree in Art at the same institution where she also won the title of "Best Portfolio of Shows " and  "Academic Excellence"


In  December 2017 Dhooghe started her own business,  called "ANDHO Services",  in which she provides all  kind of commercial photography Services :

Real Estate-, product-,  portrait photography, corporate headshots,  and  also offers freelance consultancy. 


Dhooghe's photography is either very colorful, or dramatic Black and White. Her international experience obtained by living in different countries:  Belgium, Spain, and currently the US, together with her extensive travels, inspires her in different ways and enables her to have a broader look on art itself. She loves to work with diverse backgrounds  and nationalities and uses her language knowledge (Dutch, Spanish, French, German, English, Italian, Portuguese and also Sign Language) to uncover insights and translate those into a still image.  For her a picture is not just a shot, it's an outlet of her creativy, implementing ideas, and building a whole scene. Clients thrive seeing their products or subjects telling a story.

Dhooghe was published in Graphis Upcoming Talent 2015, 2106, and 2017 with silver award-wining pictures.  She also exhibited and sold her work in Atlanta and New York.

Her pictures were also used to make gallery exhibit invitations.

Currently her work also makes part of the  permanent Art Collection of The  Art Institute.

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